Love, short stories by Lucille Redmond

Stories of love, anger, revolution and other worlds

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Love and other stories, by Lucille Redmond

Stories in Love include:

  1. Elsewhen
  2. Wolf and Water
  3. And the Green Sea Ebbs Away
  4. Fish
  5. Affect and Repression
  6. Our Fenian Dead
  7. The Sanctuary Keeper
  8. Glitterati
  9. Love

About the author

Lucille Redmond wrote her first story in 1975 - The Shaking Trees, which was published in New Irish Writing in The Irish Press, then edited by its founder, David Marcus. It won the Hennessy Award that year, judged by William Saroyan. In the next few years her stories were published in The Transatlantic Review, Cyphers, The Salmon and other magazines. A book of stories, Who Breaks Up the Old Moons to Make New Stars, was published in 1978, and won an award from the Irish Academy of Letters. She was awarded a bursary from the Arts Council that year, and continued to write, and had stories published, in The Irish Times, The Irish Press, The Sunday Tribune, Transatlantic Review, Krino, Cyphers, Salmon, The Deed and other newspapers and magazines, and in various anthologies of stories, in the succeeding years.